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Top 10 reasons why YOU should join Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group, Inc

Reason Number 1 – Technology Support/Help Desk

Technology, it is a beautiful thing......when it works!

At Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group we understand the critical nature of acquiring and using technology. We are so focused on keeping your business running smooth and seamless that we have dedicated an IT department and a Help Desk to training, troubleshooting, and repair, specific to each individual agent’s needs. Our Help Desk will help you select the computer that is best for your needs as a Realtor®, set it up for you, fix it for you when you experience problems, and train you on how to use the most current technology relevant to Real Estate.

To learn more about how we can help keep your real estate machine running efficiently and effectively with technology, contact us at any of our offices listed on our website.

Reason Number 2 – Non-Competing Managers

You’re excited! In your hand you have a signed offer to purchase - but you have some questions about it. You take the offer to purchase to your office to get advice from your manager - but they’re not in their office. They’re out working with a buyer and will be unavailable all day! What can you do?

A call comes in to your office from someone who wants to sell their house – and it’s a really nice house. Your broker takes the call and goes out to do the listing presentation. You never had a chance to get it.

These are pretty common occurrences at many Real Estate companies where the broker is also selling and listing houses – directly competing with you.

At Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group all of our managers are dedicated to making you more successful and most of them don’t list or sell real estate. So when you have an issue or need advice, they are right there to work with you on solving it. They are committed to help you succeed.

To learn more about how our managers can help you grow your real estate business, contact us at any of our offices listed on our website.

Reason Number 3 – Strong Established Company with Commanding Market Share

Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions you'll make in your life, and it stands to reason that selling your house is an equally big decision. Who do you want handling such a significant event? You want a company who knows what they are doing and one who “gets the job done”.

Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group was established in 1960 and it was called Bytof Realty, after it’s founder, Otto Bytof. Through the years it has grown to just under 20 offices located throughout Northeast Wisconsin. We sell close to 30% of all houses in Northeastern Wisconsin and almost 50% of the houses in the Fox Valley. 2 out of every 3 of our sales are “in-house” where we represent both the seller and the buyer.

Team up with us and experience the “Strength of the Group” instantly - knowing you have nearly 500 Coldwell Banker agents and staff working together to sell your listing. More signs means: more sellers and buyers.

To learn more about the strength of our group, contact us at any of our offices listed on our website.

Reason Number 4 – Customer Service Department

How do you maximize your time as an agent? Do you know that it takes approximately 4 phone calls to set up 1 showing? And that is if you connect with your party on the 1st call. Each phone call takes time – time that could be better spent working with buyers and sellers. How many showings do you set up for an average buyer? Multiply that by 4 to find out how many calls you are making and how much time you are spending just setting up showings.

At Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group, our dedicated Customer Service Department has as it’s major responsibility - to set up showings, inspections, and appraisals for you! It's a tremendous savings of your valuable time!

What’s more - after each showing of our listings, a Showing Feedback form is automatically sent to the Showing Agent requesting comments from the potential buyers to gauge their interest in the property. This feedback is managed by you and is easily distributed to your sellers keeping them informed of the response from each showing. In addition, you have 24/7 access to all showing information and reports through the software our Customer Service Department uses.

To learn more about how our Customer Service Department can save you a lot of time, contact us at any of our offices listed on our website.

Reason Number 5 - Website

NAR tells us approximately 90% of all home buyers begin the process on the internet. Our website – www.ColdwellHomes.com is the Real Estate website of choice in Northeastern Wisconsin.

Today's home buyers expect information and convenience at their fingertips. We're committed to keeping pace with changing technologies and delivering what buyers expect. Our online listing framework offers unlimited latitude for photos, videos, descriptions and even scanned documents such as floor plans. Other features include a walk score, dual mapping, YouTube video uploads, and more.

It’s no wonder our website has exceeded ¼ million unique visitors many months and averages over a million page views each month.

And if that is not enough exposure, we also feed our listings to over 300 websites around the world - sites such as Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, Google, and many more so buyers can find your listing anytime, anywhere.

To learn more about how our website will help you get you more leads, contact us at any of our offices listed on our website.

Reason Number 6 – Rewards and Recognition!

You are a good real estate agent and you work very hard, but sometimes you wonder if anyone really notices.

At Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group, we notice. In fact, we have various established levels of achievement.

For new agents, we have the Rising Star Award – given out to the new agent with the highest number of transactions. This budding super star has the opportunity to be recognized in the company for an entire year.

There is the Senior Associate Designation. All agents have the opportunity to attain this award as it is based mostly on performance. Recipients are invited to go on a Company paid trip to a warm and sometimes exotic place. Destinations such as Cancun Mexico, Punta Cana Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and Caribbean Cruises have been featured in years past. What a great opportunity to get away from a cold January week in Wisconsin, and socialize with other top agents!

And then there is the Pinnacle Award! Only the best of the best get to this level. It is based on attaining a high level of volume during the year and all Pinnacle Winners are called on stage during our Annual Awards Gala for all their peers to recognize. Wow. Talk about recognition.

To learn more about the awards and benefits we offer, contact us at any of our offices listed on our website.

Reason Number 7 – Training and Development

World renowned basketball coach John Wooden once said “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts”. With that in mind, how do you continue to learn in your Real Estate career?

At Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group we make training and development a high priority. For new agents we have a 3 week training program called “Fast Start” where you learn all of the critical components of building a successful Real Estate career.

As a licensed Real Estate agent you have Continuing Education requirements. With our in-house trainer and prescheduled CE presentations, it has never been easier (or cheaper) to obtain those needed CE’s.

Being associated with Coldwell Banker you will have access to our world renowned Real Estate training Library – with some classes being prescheduled and some being self-paced – and all being available from the convenience of your computer and internet account. Classes on such topics as Negotiating, Setting the List Price, Working with Buyers/Sellers, and “BOO$T” and “BreakOut” are just some of the many courses offered on Coldwell Banker University.

We know that education is the key to staying ahead of the curve so we make training and development a top priority.

To learn more about the award winning training programs we offer, contact us at any of our offices listed on our website.

Reason Number 8 – Marketing Support

A career in Real Estate is sometimes more dependent on your ability to market than on your ability to sell.

At Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group, we know how important marketing is. We have an experienced Marketing Department dedicated to creating Brand awareness and bringing more sellers and buyers to you, our agents, and to our company.

They work hard at developing Television, Radio, Internet, and Print advertising which helps keep Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group in the front of everyone’s mind when they think of buying or selling a house.

As a Real Estate Agent, you may need help developing a marketing plan. Just pick up the phone and call our marketing department to get ideas on how, where, and when you can get the best return for your advertising budget. In addition, they will help you in attaining the best rates possible through our corporate rates as opposed to negotiating a rate by yourself.

To learn more about how our marketing department will help you generate more customers, contact us at any of our offices listed on our website.

Reason Number 9 - Relocation Leads

Real Estate has changed! More and more large employers are engaging the services of a relocation company to handle the sale or purchase of a home when they transfer their executives from one location to another.

The Relocation Company decides which Real Estate Broker is going to get the listing to sell the transferred executive’s house and which Real Estate Broker is going to provide an agent to work with the transferred executive to find them a home in their new location.

At Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group we have a strong relationship with all of the major relocation companies which means many times we are the Broker selected to handle the moves of these executives – and because most of our managers do not sell real estate, these relocating executives are assigned to our agents to provide real estate services.

To learn more about how our relocation department can help you generate more customers, contact us at any of our offices listed on our website.

Reason Number 10 – Affiliation with Coldwell Banker – the Best Known Name in Real Estate in the World!

You have heard it said that “Real Estate is Local” and to a certain extent that is true. Nobody knows more about property values and selling Real Estate in your home town than your local Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent.

Having said that, it is a whole lot easier to sell Real Estate when you have the Strength of a Group behind you – especially if that group is Internationally known and has been consistently rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction – a group known as Coldwell Banker!

Coldwell Banker has been selling Real Estate for over 100 years and provides its agents with some of the finest tools available in the industry:

  • LeadRouter – an award winning Lead generation and distribution system.
  • Coldwell Banker University – an online training library with courses designed for every level of Real Estate agents – courses for the new agent just starting a career in Real Estate, courses for the agent who has been successful but wants to “Break Through” to a new level of performance, and courses for the Top Producing agent.
  • E-Marketing – an online library for marketing on the internet, via e-mail and e-newsletters.
  • On Location – Coldwell Bankers’ very own YouTube account where agents can upload videos of their listings.

So the choice is yours – you can choose to “go it alone” in your real estate career or you can choose to join a company that provides you with the tools to help you realize the highest level of success.

To learn more about how our affiliation with Coldwell Banker, the most respected Real Estate name in the world can help you generate more customers, contact us at any of our offices listed on our website.